360° product processing

From the tanning phase to the finishing.
Manual tamponade, printing, prototyping laboratory, chemical and physical knowledge of both the leather and the industrial chemicals used

F/W 2022-2023 Collection

The Winter 22 – 23 collection replicates the modern scent that makes the world seem a dangerous place, so instinct, memories, common sense and words resurface at the expense of technocracy and data and proclamations.

S/S 2022 Collection

The 2022 S/S Collection will be different from past ones. Metallic effects and dyes that perfectly integrate with the prints and retanning of calves. A much appreciated return of the crocodile and animal prints, enhanced by the softness of the leather.

F/W 2021-2022 Collection

The 21-22 F/W Collection revolves around several themes. From two-tone légers effects to bright metals with cloudy nuances, from bright colors to romantic hand-buffed pearlescent.

Evergreen Products

The Evergreen Collection is characterized by bright prints and colors, with two-tone effects obtained thanks to resins from renewable sources.
Meridiana’s technicians make all this possible thanks to experience and knowledge rooted in the Tuscan tanning tradition.