Meridiana Tailor-made

Tailor-Made Department, our pride

The Tailor-made department is one of our strengths and main reasons for our pride. Inside, we find the manual infill department, completely managed and organized by women.

Thanks to this department, we are able to give leather effects that would be impossible to replicate by mechanical or digital means.
This is what differentiates a standard product from a Meridiana product, the maximum expression of the synergy between tanning tradition and industry.

Tailor-made items for every need

The Meridiana Tailor-made department allows you to choose the leather to be processed; then you can choose between mechanical and / or digital printing, the finishing touch , the look, the feel, the softness and the final effect by hand.
Thanks to the help of our internal printing department, we can create a unique item from scratch, upon specific customer requests.

100% Satisfied customers

A Tailor-made product is unique, cannot be replicated and can fully satisfy customer needs, unlike a standard product.

Attention, professionalism and confidentiality

The internal processing of the company allows us to thoroughly control the entire production process. In addition to a high quality product, this guarantees 100% confidentiality.