Eco-friendly manufacturing

Our solutions for a reduced environmental impact

The tanning sector needs to pay more attention than any other to each stage of processing, in order to measure and control the impact on the environment and offer reliable products. Chrome tanning is our pillar, thanks to the tested safety and quality it gives to leather. However, today more than ever, it is essential to offer innovative solutions.

Our technicians have studied and perfected the Meridiana Metal-Free (free of chemical products containing metals) and Meridiana Crome-Free (chrome-free) tanning processes. Meridiana Vegetal also stands out: it is the oldest tanning method, but also the greenest, plant-based tanning.

These processes allow us to offer a very wide range of tanning to meet every need.

Meridiana for the environment

Why choosing eco-friendly tanning?

The products made with eco-friendly tanning have a reduced environmental impact and unique characteristics.

Eco-friendly philosophy: beyond theory

Choosing eco-friendly tanning is not only an abstract philosophy. It is a conscious decision that actually changed our production techniques.

Enlarging our tanning capacity enabled us to further reduce our environmental impact, thanks to an even more precise and controlled use of chemicals, of control systems to avoid the waste of water, energy and methane.

Taking care of your present needs, while always looking ahead

This change in our production approach has undeniable long-term advantages. However, there are also many pluses that can be perceived immediately, in practice.

These types of tanning and leather processing have proven to be optimal for certain items and have allowed us to improve their quality. The feedback from our customers has been very positive.