F/W 2022-2023 Collection

The 22-23 F/W Collection

The Winter 22 -23 collection draws inspiration and responds to multiple concepts such as captivating, decorating, connecting, forging, being sustainable and cautiously re-inventing to create new products and materials in which leather is full protagonist. It has its roots in the classic articles that form the basis for the development of modern concepts, with increasingly high – tech tanning, ranging from the vegetable tradition, passing through an increasingly perfected and safe chrome and culminating in the most technological metal – free and chrome – free to create an increasingly flexible, current, eco – friendly and future – ready product. Structural leathers are preferred, in cobalt blue, graphite gray, chocolate brown shades, which frame a comfortable and elegant unisex figure with couture accents.

Attract with tanning and retanning that moisturize the skin by restoring the elasticity of the original material, the sweet tenacity of the grain and the ultra-sensory silky softness both to the touch and in European half calves and in goat skins with a fine grain.

Decorate with pre-Raphaelite shades of coppery red, carcadé brown, lagoon green and leaden orange, all shades of extreme character and depth. The women of the Pre-Raphaelites come out of the Victorian stereotype of petite and childish blond beauty to enter the stories as real figures, adorned with precious fabrics and leathers or printed like reptiles, eels and snakes hot engraved on vegetalized leathers that shine even in the calm light of the Sunrise.

Connect ourselves like the “Instagram brands”, digital talents whose proposals have found an opportunity to launch on social networks. A billion users arrived in the world, a figure that speaks for itself but fails to explain how it has changed the way of perceiving the world of fashion, especially in the eyes of the youngest, who prefer it to Facebook and Snapchat; in a very short time it changed the way of shopping by affirming the diktat of “looking flawless”. The world of leather is, and will be increasingly conditioned, by these platforms that require “hybrid” finishing and printing solutions that combine the technology of three-dimensional prints together with satin solutions with optical laser effects.

Forging your body with extra stretch calfskin tassels to ensure total freedom of movement to the body and fit with a gluing system, which avoids seams and does not make a wrinkle. This high-tech elegance also draws on the world of sport that requires technical standards such as lightness, breathability, water repellency and quick drying.

Being sustainable with the desire to fight a battle for a better world, which is becoming a new type of fundamentalism; there is a lot of “having to do” and “not being able to do” in regards to “saving the world”, the planet is much more powerful than us, so pretending that we can “save it” is a manifestation of “arrogance”, either we behave well or the planet will kick us out. This abyss spurs us to work with spontaneity and enthusiasm for a bright future.

Reinventing cautiously to make the world rediscover the desire to try the “new” but in small steps, having the shoulders covered with soft and classic lines, which make you feel safe and are the solid base from which to start again, with calm and attention, but they make us reflect and understand how irreplaceable and necessary they are.