F/W 2021-2022 Collection

The 21-22 F/W Collection is developed on the basis of 4 macro-themes.

The first one is about printed crocodiles of low specific weight, with tasseled hand and light two-tone effects.

The second one is about the world of metals, mainly brilliant ones with cloudy nuances that augment the tridimensional look of the product; we can find them both in crocodiles of lower dimensions – perfectly suited for small leatherwear and footwear – and in belly or side of bigger dimensions, suited for bags and totes.

The third one is about the world of register prints, with bright and brilliant colors with perfect print quality and adherent to the authentic version.

The fourth and last theme is about the world of romantic pearls, in which the in which the degradation of tones mixes with manual and mechanical infill, which pays great attention to the roundness of the leather with a glove effect.

A 360° collection

The idea behind the Fall / Winter 2021 – 2022 project was to create product lines that are functional to customer needs, in line with the trends of the season and at the same time flexible, so as to be able to satisfy all potential requests.